CM+ has been successfully certified to the HKQAA (Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency) “Anti-Epidemic Hygiene Measures Certification Scheme”, ensuring guests a safe and healthy accommodation.

10 Hygiene Measures include:

  1. Staff shall wear surgical mask and maintain good personal hygiene, and have been trained in dealing with
    guests with symptoms of respiratory tract infection
  2. Provide hand hygiene amenities, such as 60 to 80% alcohol-based hand sanitiser in common areas, and
    prepare spare surgical masks for guests
  3. Remind guests to wear surgical masks in the common areas of the hotel
  4. Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces e.g. lift buttons at least every two hours during day time
  5. Clean and disinfect common areas e.g. hotel lobby, common toilet with 1 in 99 diluted household bleach or
    equivalent disinfectant* or higher standard at least twice daily
  6. Ensure the room is well ventilated and change or clean the filter of the ventilation system regularly
  7. Clean carpets, curtains, and furnishings regularly
  8. Ensure the drainage systems (e.g. U-shaped water trap, bottled trap or anti-syphonage trap) have enough
    water storage
  9. Keep the staff roster and the list of guests who had stayed in the hotel with relevant information (e.g. guests’
    period of stay)
  10. Make any arrangement deemed necessary for the guest to seek medical care to help prevent the spread of